About us

Welcome to IEEL

IEEL  is an Institute for Research and Education in Speech Therapy, is a profit organization based in Greece.

Main goals of IEEL are:

the support of research in the field of Speech Pathology and Therapy regarding intervention and assessment

support in using new interventions in developmental disorders

provision of training in the field of speech pathology and special education

editing of manuals and tests for the communication, language and learning difficulties

tutoring of research in the field of language and social communication disorders

supervising of day centers and special units


IEEL is the representative of Intensive Interaction approach in Greece, organize all the seminars of it and editing the manuals of the Intensive Interaction in Greek.

Recently IEEL has collaborate with the Michigan University  in a project about standardizing  a  test in Greek for pragmatics impairments. The APLSC is a test for pragmatics ability  in children from 3 under 6 years old. The scientific team of IEEL working on this last year and  planning the methodology and adaptation of the test in Greek.

IEEL has a collaboration with MAKATON HELLAS, by providing the seminars of this language program in Greece and by editing all the educational materials of the MAKATON  HELLAS.


Intensive Interaction Institute (UK)
University of Michigan

Scientific Director


Ioannis Vogindroukas is a speech pathologist  with a PhD in the field of psychology in the University of Ioannina (Greece),  MSc in the school of education in the University of Birmingham (UK) and Bacelor degree in speech pathology in the University of Sophia (BG).

He is a MAKATON Senior Tutor, member of IALP Child Language Committee, MC of the COST ACTION about Language Impairment in children across Europe, Supervisor of speech therapy of the PanHellenic Association of Logopedists.

He is a Lecturer in the University of Macedonia (Greece), Nicosia University (Cyprus) and South West University of  Blagoevgrad (BG).

He has published number of papers and books in Greek and English and has presented  a number of   papers in domestic and international congresses.



Euripides – Nikolaos Chelas is a speech and language therapist with postgraduate studies in Human Communication at City University of London. Member of the Pan Hellenic Association of Logopedists and Royal College of Speech And Language Therapists.

He is supervisor in day centers people with autism and speech therapy centers. Researches have been published in international scientific journals and have been announced in congresses in Greece and abroad. He works in private therapy center in Thessaloniki.